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Courtney Miles’ artwork observes all of us through the lens of our society’s obsessive hyperawareness.  This obsession fascinates her so much that for over a decade, Courtney — through her hedonistic, materialistic alter-ego Neon Courtney – has been incorporating the notions of social identity and the cult of fame into her art.

Courtney’s glamorously mundane self-portraits (the series pre-dates the “selfie”) require the audience to face the meaning of vanity and ask: Which parts of us are really real?  Beyond the canvas, Courtney further blurs the line with photography, video, performance and neon lights.

Courtney lives and works in Dallas, TX.  She received her BFA from Texas Christian University and her MA and MFA from The University of Dallas.  She was an Artist-in-Resident at The Fairmont Hotel in Dallas and a three-time Hunting Art Prize Finalist.