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Artist Talk - Shoby Modjarrad

Shoby Modjarrad deeply values the beauty that exists all around her and is increasingly mindful of her impact on nature and the environment. As an artist, she invites her audience to see the world through her discerning eyes. Her love for the colors and details in nature serves as a constant teacher and perhaps most heavily influences what and how she chooses to create. Yet, there is another aspect to her process that is unapologetically shaped by several years of experience in architecture.

Her first developing series—called 1DAY—which is heavily influenced by her awareness of our impact on the environment and her love of nature, is based on post-consumer goods and objects and calls attention to the waste of one individual in One Day. She is acutely aware of the effects of consumer plastic on everything from our nation’s physical health to the world’s ecosystem.

“We’ve worked so hard to make our lives convenient and efficient; yet, we haven’t thought much past that... about the price that we will have to pay one day. I’ve realized that the price of convenience is lots and lots of PLASTIC; which exists in everyday products, from shipping containers, kid’s toys and kitchen appliances to car parts - the earth is getting full.”