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Opening Reception: KYLE STEED - "Connected // Disconnected"

Growing isn't always an upward trajectory. Sometimes, or rather most times, true growth feels a lot like falling, sinking, shrinking, and even dying.

In order to grow outward we must first start, and dig, inward. Down, down, down. Remembering memories. Feeling our feelings. Allowing everything to belong in perfect harmony.

For me, the stark contrast of black on natural canvas expresses the strong religious bias/immaturity that I have experienced growing up in the South. The negative space binds and fills in the gaps just like our silence and apathy fills up our garages and homes with stuff. While the black doesn't have to force itself on you, only presents itself as what it is. So in a way I feel exploring my own inner sanctuary allows me to connect my past with my present in a way that feels confusing and frustrating and beautiful and redeeming. Connected and disconnected.

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Artist Talk: Kyle Steed