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Jen Mauldin, an artist herself with an architectural degree from Texas A&M and several years under her belt as an internationally renowned interior designer, loves little more than seeing local artists succeed. Jen Mauldin loves art. And more importantly, Jen Mauldin knows art.  She has an impeccable eye for design and is known for her divergent utilization of art to transform a space from lovely to spectacular. Since she was a child, Jen has had a singular focus as far as her career has been concerned:



Over the years, her plans and goals have morphed and shifted… from fine art to architecture to interior design to mentorship… but she has never strayed from that base focus. Art is her passion, and it is a rare occurrence to slip into conversation with Jen without the subject of this passion coming into play. The artists who’ve had the pleasure to work with Jen and witnessed the dedication she puts into everything she does know all about her dreams and her intentions. They know she dreams of working for them, guiding them, seeing them flourish. They know she believes in them. They know she wants them to first make themselves happy with their creation and then find a way to mold that into something that sells, without losing those elements that make them happy. Most importantly, they know she will work tirelessly to help them succeed.  They know this, in part, because in less than a year she made her dreams to expand her virtual gallery into a brick and mortar space a reality with Jen Mauldin Gallery in the heart of Dallas' Bishop Arts District. Local artists trust Jen Mauldin. And those who don’t yet know her, will find out soon enough.